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For Schools

Don’t miss this chance to provide a unique learning experience for your students. Engage their minds and hearts in understanding societal models, British values, and their roles in a diverse world. “The Life of a Chickpea” is ready to guide your students on a transformative journey. To arrange a seminar at your school, contact us today, and let’s cultivate an environment of understanding, acceptance, and resilience together.

For Storytellers

Are you a storyteller with a passion for weaving narratives that foster understanding, empathy, and unity in diverse communities? We invite you to be a part of “The Life of a Chickpea” project. Bring your unique voice to our seminars, and help students navigate societal models, British values, and their individual roles in society. Your story could be the key to engaging young minds and hearts, fostering resilience, and cultivating a more inclusive society. To join us on this transformative journey, reach out today.

For Supporters

Are you passionate about fostering a more understanding, resilient, and inclusive society? Here’s your chance to make a difference. “The Life of a Chickpea” is looking for donors who can help expand our reach, enabling us to engage more students across the UK in our unique exploration of societal models and British values. Your generous donation could empower more young minds, cultivate acceptance, and contribute to a healthier, more inclusive society.

For Volunteer

Do you have a passion for fostering understanding, promoting inclusion, and empowering the next generation? We’re seeking volunteers to be part of this unique project. Whether it’s helping facilitate seminars, outreach efforts, or behind-the-scenes work, your time and skills can make a real difference. Together, we can inspire students to embrace diversity, challenge extremism, and become active participants in our democratic society.

Sign up today to volunteer and join us on this journey of shaping a more inclusive and understanding future through “The Life of a Chickpea”.